Bartholomew Renier Lynch

Artist Biography

November 1, 2017
Bay Area Rapid Transit Logo

Born outside of San Francisco in Walnut Creek, in the same year and the with same nick-name as the mass transit system of the Bay Area, I moved with family before the end of my first year, yet am amazed to return to that area and find absolute comfort with the colors. I spent the next 15 years, formative as they were, in Stone Mountain, Georgia. That big hump of granite continues to grow as I age. Erosion at it’s base outpaces it’s upward transformation to sand. The next 15 years were spent in the greater Phoenix area, which is greater now than then. Dense and sprawling, development spreads across the farm land which replaced desert land in the valley once dams were in place to harvest and control the water. A walkabout brought me to Seattle where hills and water meet to nurture amazing life, and I met Crisha Yantis, my wife. We moved to Athens, GA and continued our education - mine in the painting and drawing Masters program, and Crisha completed her Undergraduate degree in ceramics both at the University of Georgia. We bought a house, adopted some chickens and ejoyed the time living in the south with songs floating in the underbrush. Crisha's education brought us to Linoln, NE where she completed her Masters in Ceramics at University of Nebraska - Lincoln (UNL). After continuing to build my professional practice through research, creating/exhibiting artwork and teaching for Doane College, UNL and Lux Center for the Arts, I accepted a full-time Lecturer position at Western State Colorado University. Nestled in the high desert town of Gunnison, Colorado, we were fortunate to enjoy two winters and one summer with our two sons, Aero Otus Lynch and Phoenix Oso Lynch. Once more in the Pacific Northwest in Olympia, WA we continue to gain inspiration from the environment and tell stories of the places we have been.